Guidelines for growers

Research on NZDFI demonstration trial sites into optimal growing regimes and the development of guidelines for growers.

Developing growing regimes for optimal management of ground-durable eucalypts to maximise their productivity and their suitability for different end uses, is key area of NZDFI’s work. We will conduct research on our demonstration trial sites, and will develop guidelines for growers on pruning and thinning regimes for post and pole production. The most likely markets for New Zealand-grown ground-durable eucalypts include fence posts, vineyard and orchard poles, and other on-farm end-uses.

This work is being carried out under a MPI Sustainable Farming Fund project (2013-2016). We plan a series of workshops over the timescale of the SFF project, to keep growers informed of our findings and recommendations.

Expert knowledge within the NZ Farm Forestry Association

Members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association, and the NZFFA's Eucalypt Action Group in particular, comprise some of the most experienced eucalypt growers in New Zealand. 

You can benefit form their expertise by joining the NZFFA and taking part in field days and other events