The New Zealand School of Forestry, University of Canterbury, is a foundation partner in the New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative. Staff at the School of Forestry form the core of the NZDFI Science Team.

Our post-graduate students

Huimin Lin, Gayatri Mishra, Jackley Li have NZDFI  scholarships, and Nick Davies has a School of Forestry scholarship.

More details about the exciting research projects underway at the School of Forestry can be found here.

The UoC Research Team

Front row l-r: Dr Luis Apiolaza, Gayatri Mishra, Huimin  Lin, Jackley Li, Dr Tara Murray

Middle row: Mike Frampton, Sheldon Drummond  (CEO, Juken NZ Ltd), Michael Hayes,  David Leung, Dr Clemens Altaner, Shaf  van Ballekom (Chair, NZDFI),  Nick Davies

Back row: Dr Justin Morgenroth, Prof.Bruce Manley