The New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative (NZDFI) is a commercially-oriented research and development project. It aims to develop genetically improved planting stock and management systems for ground-durable eucalypt species suited to New Zealand’s dryland regions.

Naturally durable posts perform well over a decade in Marlborough vineyards

A new report provides details of a recent survey of six Marlborough vineyards where naturally durable posts have been in service for around a decade. 

Between 2006 and 2009, around 1400 posts were supplied to vineyards in the lower Wairau Valley to see how the posts performed in real conditions. The vineyard owners were keen to trial an alternative to the CCA-treated radiata pine posts commonly used in New Zealand’s vineyards.

In general the posts were found to be performing very well, with low levels of decay and minimal breakage - only 0.3% of E bosistoana posts were broken per year over 10 years in one vineyard, compared to average annual radiata pine post breakage of 5%.

The findings are very encouraging for the NZDFI, as the vineyard post market will form a key foundation of a durable hardwood industry in New Zealand. 

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