Tree breeding and propagation publications

NZDFI's tree breeding programme is described in detail in NZDFI's strategy documents, the Our Science section of this website, and in our Project Update newsletters.

Propagation work is led by Proseed NZ, a founding partner of NZDFI and Australasia's biggest tree seed supplier. Propagation activities are well-documented in our Project Update newsletters.

Technical reports

The following technical reports were produced as part of Forest Growers Research Specialty Wood Products Research Partnership (SWP).


Genetic structure and diversity in the NZDFI Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. argophloia breeding populations (Seoljong Kim, SWP - T168)


Assessment of E. quadrangulata breeding populations. (McConnochie and Apiolaza, SWP-T120)


A population-genomic and taxonomic study of Eucalyptus argophloia and E. bosistoana. (Seoljong Kim, SWP - T089)


Peer-reviewed and other publications

Schroeder, Paul and Altaner, Clemens (2016). Propagation – a bottleneck in tree breeding programmes? NZ Tree Grower August 2016. Pages 34-36.