Grower information

Our Guidelines for Growers section provides forest growers with the knowledge and resources to establish new hardwood forests as an alternative land use in New Zealand’s northern and north-eastern regions.

Durable eucalypts provide an opportunity to grow a valuable, versatile ground-durable timber crop. Growers considering investing resources in planting durable eucalypts need to be confident that the trees they plant will grow well, and their investment objectives will be achieved. NZDFI's breeding programme has produced 'XyloGene' improved planting stock, which growers can plant with confidence.

The strength of our project lies in our strategic scientific approach, backed by our network of trials on a range of land-types, both on farms and in forests. By breeding improved eucalypt planting stock of a range of species, developing growing regimes to suit varied conditions, and promoting multiple markets for durable eucalypt timber, NZDFI aims to make northern and north-eastern New Zealand home to regional sustainable hardwood industries by 2050.

Visit our Guidelines for Growers section for lots more practical information on growing durable eucalypts successfully.