Funding and supporters

Over $3 million has been invested in the NZDFI between 2007 and 2017. This funding and other support came from NZDFI’s unique combination of industry partners and public organisations:  government and private supporters. In mid 2015, the NZDFI tree breeding programme became part of a seven-year, seven-million-dollar, Specialty Wood Products Partnership (SWPP). Work funded by various other sources will continue as before.

We are extremely grateful for all the support received to date from the following partners, supporters and sponsors:

Private companies Why support the NZDFI?

Proseed NZ Proseed are leading innovative research to develop improved durable eucalypt seed and propagated material for NZ forest growers.
Juken New Zealand Ltd Supporting tree breeding programmes to produce durable hardwood that will diversify plantations and enhance exports sales.
Marlborough Gold Honey Encouraging research on eucalypts that produce durable hardwood as well as pollen and nectar in times of seasonally short supply to support honey bee populations.
Marlborough Lines Ensuring a future supply of durable hardwood suitable for cross arms for their power transmission network.
Vineyard Timbers Supplying NZ growers with genetically improved planting stock able to produce naturally durable hardwood posts and supply of durable hardwood for high-value end uses.
LakewoodLogo - NZDFI 03 [PRINT] Lakewood Products Manufacturing high-quality pruning tools used to promote quality timber production in eucalypts.
Regional and District Councils

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Bay of Plenty RC,  Gisborne DC,  Greater Wellington RC,  Hawke’s Bay RC, Horizons RC,  Marlborough DC Promoting durable eucalypts and supporting associated research and development as an option for sustainable land management and regional economic development, especially in dryland regions.
Research and development funds
[internal link] Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment – Specialty Wood Partnership Supporting the development of a high-value specialty wood products industry to underpin new value chains for exports of durable hardwood products.
Ministry for Primary Industries  - Sustainable Farming Fund Supporting new systems for sustainable land management, especially in dryland regions, that will enhance regional resilience in face of climate change.
FGLT logo NZ Forest Growers Levy Trust and Future Forests Research Supporting diversification of the forest estate and initiatives to encourage new planting on marginal land.
AGMARDT logo 2016 CMYK AGMARDT AGMARDT promotes agri-innovation leading to business development.
Neil Barr Farm Forestry Foundation, NZ Farm Forestry Association Promoting alternative, versatile species to produce timbers for use on-farm or sale into high value markets.
Research and management
University of Canterbury School of Forestry Opportunities for ground-breaking research in areas from breeding and genetics through site productivity and growth modelling to wood quality.
Marlborough Research Centre Regional development: the MRC has provided administrative and management support for the NZDFI since 2007.