NZDFI organisational structure

We started 2023 with a change our to name, from ‘New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative’, to ‘New Zealand Dryland Forests Innovation’. We also changed our by-line from ‘Breeding Tomorrow’s Trees Today’ to ‘Breeding durable heartwood’ along with the Māori translation ‘Whakatipu taikākā mauroa’.

These changes acknowledge that our project initiative has been successful: we have started commercial sales of our 1st generation improved XyloGene seedlings so growers can now establish new eucalypt forests that produce durable heartwood.

We have set up a separate commercial company, XyloGene/NZDFIP Ltd, to promote and sell our improved XyloGene nursery stock via our website As sales increase, this will provide funds to ensure our research and development can continue. NZDFI’s ongoing research programmes will continue under the administration and management of the Marlborough Research Centre Trust.

Details of our organisational structure are shown below: