The NZ Dryland Forests Initiative (NZDFI) is a collaborative research and development programme. Our vision is to develop a sustainable multi-regional hardwood industry based on planting genetically improved durable eucalypt forests from 2020 to 2050.

Latest Project Update now available!

The latest bumper edition of NZDFI's Project Update is available now, covering January-June 2022.

Read about some of our latest research and development work including:

  • assessments from our 2021 trial plantings
  • new findings from our wood quality research team
  • the latest in research on insect threats to our trees
  • progress in the commercial deployment of our elite planting material.

... and much more..  Enjoy!

Paul Millen inspects 8-month old E. globoidea at Lissaman's trial site, Marlborough.

 Latest News

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    Latest NZDFI Award

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