The Specialty Wood Products Partnership - a new era for the NZDFI

In mid 2015, NZDFI became a partner in the MBIE and industry funded Specialty Wood Products Research Partnership (SWP). The partnership ran for seven years, winding up in June 2022.

The SWP was a far-reaching research and development programme, aimed at developing the supply chain and international markets for a range of alternative timbers to radiata pine.

The programme was funded by:

  • Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
  • the forest industry through the NZ Forest Growers Levy Trust
  • a number of forest industry companies
  • the NZ Farm Forestry Association (regional branches).



The SWP was led by Forest Growers Research (FGR), in collaboration with Scion, the University of Canterbury, and the Marlborough Research Centre Trust.

NZDFI was a partner in the SWP, and over the seven years of the programme we made significant advances in the following priority areas:

  • Selection and outcrossing to improve growth; form; wood quality; pest resistance
  • Matching species and sites for optimal productivity
  • Modelling , management and silviculture systems
  • Durability and wood quality research.

Over 150 technical reports were produced by SWP research providers - these are almost all freely available via the Forest Growers Research website. (Search for reports with the SWP prefix.)

Technical reports describing wood quality research by the School of Forestry are found in the Resources section of this website.