Growing ground-durable eucalypts

Growers need genetically improved planting stock, and guidelines on growing regimes, to ensure eucalypt plantings are productive and produce high yields of ground durable timber.

The NZDFI is a grower-based project. Our breeding programme will produce improved planting stock for growers; our trial-based research will lead to the development of advice on species selection, and guidelines on growing regimes for certain end markets.


Providing the information growers need

Growers need to be able to:

  • Choose the right species to suit any given site
  • Ensure trees establish successfully and grow quickly
  • Know how to manage trees throughout their rotation for maximum productivity
  • Harvest and market their timber efficiently.

Eucalypts are renowned for their very fast growth on the right site, but can also be relatively site-specific, frost-prone, vulnerable to pests and diseases, and tricky to dry and mill.
Through our trial and demonstration work, we aim to provide growers with the information they need to make the right decisions around planting and managing eucalypts.


NZDFI recipe for SUCCESS with eucalypt establishment:

Select site to match species by…
Understanding species and spacing requirements
Clear planting sites by spraying in winter
Control animal pests
Ensure tree stocks are high quality
Spring planting (and fertilising)
Summer releasing.