Welcome to NZDFI's Guidelines for Growers

"Becoming a grower of naturally durable hardwood is an exciting new opportunity for New Zealand farmers and forest growers. 2021 marks the start of a new phase for NZDFI, as the first generation of our genetically improved 'XyloGene' planting stock will be established.

Our vision is for a network of regional hardwood industries across the North Island and northern South Island by 2050. For this to happen wood supply catchments of durable eucalypt forests need to be planted over the next 30 years.

In my work forNZDFI, I meet many innovative farmers and forest owners that want to diversify and develop sustainable hardwood forestry. 

These 'Guidelines for Growers' are for you and others you know that could be interested.

I hope our guidelines will help with your decisions on whether or not to invest in durable eucalypts, and provide you the information that you need to establish and manage these trees. We want to ensure that people who choose to invest in growing durable eucalypts can do this wisely and successfully.

By working together we can diversify the New Zealand forest industry, support regional jobs and grow future wealth, and improve environmental outcomes for New Zealand benefits.

If you have a specific enquiry then please use our contacts page."

Paul Millen

Project Manager, NZDFI