Markets for ground-durable eucalypts

Potential markets for ground-durable eucalypt timbers range from on-farm fencing and vineyard posts to durable engineering timbers and high-value decorative uses. Markets are expected to develop both in New Zealand and overseas.

The NZDFI has identified a diverse range of exciting potential markets for naturally durable eucalypt timber. Many of these markets are already well-established in Australia, where to date they have been supplied with timber from old-growth eucalypt forests.

The NZDFI regional strategy

Early in 2018, the NZDFI undertook a consultation process as a first step in the development of its regional strategy. The NZDFI’s aim is to establish a sustainable hardwood industry based on durable eucalypts; the focus is on the dry east coast regions of the North Island and northern South Island. Future regional development initiatives will be led by a new NZDFI Regional Working Group whose focus will be on developing the whole value chain, from growing durable eucalypts to processing and marketing high-value products.

The full regional strategy consultation document and an executive summary are available.

Potential markets

  • Posts and poles for vineyards, kiwifruit orchards, organic farms and general farm use. A minimum of 500,000 poles are needed each year within South Island vineyards alone.
  • Power poles and cross arms for power poles, both in New Zealand and Australia. The Marlborough Lines Company has already established its own ground-durable eucalypt plantation to produce timber for this purpose.
  • Indoor and outdoor flooring and decking.
  • Railway sleepers and construction timber for bridges and wharfs, where timber strength and durability are paramount.
  • As a component of laminated veneer products (LVL), to increase strength
  • As a replacement for imported tropical hardwoods such as teak, used for very high-value decorative uses.
E cladocalyx posts in a Wairarapa vineyard

E cladocalyx posts in a Wairarapa vineyard

The NZDFI aims to support growers who are keen to grow and mill their own durable eucalypt timber for on-farm use. We want to ensure maximum returns to growers, as part of our objective of providing a viable land-use to eastern drylands farmers.


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