Events scheduled for 2021: Watch this Space!

In 2021, the first of  NZDFI's genetically improved planting stock becomes available under the 'Xylogene' brand.

Our aim is to see 100,000 hectares of improved durable eucalypts planted over the next ten years. To assist with this, we will be supporting regional land management teams and others in their work to encourage farmers, farm foresters and forest owners to consider durable eucalypts as a land-use option.

We anticipate a number of extension events for landowners in our target regions, and will bring you details of these as soon as they are available.


We completed a series of field days and seminars in early 2016. Videos of presentations from a seminar held in Havelock North are available here.

Keep an eye on the website for details of future events. If you would like to visit one of our trial sites in the meantime, contact Paul Millen