Havelock North seminar videos and presentations

We have completed our 2015-16 seminar and field day programme.

At our Havelock North seminar, we videoed the evening presentations:


 Speaker Video of presentation Pdf of presentation
Prof Euan Mason, University of Canterbury Site matching and modelling of NZDFI species Euan M Havelock North Seminar
Paul Millen, Project Manager, NZ Dryland Forests Initiative Eucalypt forests that produce durable hardwood: a sustainable option for NZ Paul Millen Havelock North Seminar
 Joanne Lewis, Heartwood Plantations  Growing durable eucalyptus (Gippsland, Victoria) Pdf available from NZDFI
 Dr Dean Meason, Scion  Eucalyptus globoidea productivity in New Zealand Dean Meason Havelock North Seminar
 Denis Hocking, farm forester  A farm forester's experience Denis Hocking Havelock North Seminar