Permanent Sample Plots

Over 200 Permanent Sample Plots have been established throughout the NZDFI trial site network.  The data gathered from these plots over the years will be fundamental to the project.

The PSPs are distributed throughout the breeding trial network:

Location of PSPs: the PSP register - May 2016 (Pdf)


Early PSP data analysis

PSP measurements have been completed in the summers of 2013-14  and and 2015-16.

NZDFI PSP MeasurementProgramme 2015-16 (pdf)

Initial analyses are already showing some interesting results. Example analyses of survival and comparative height/growth data from two of our trial sites are available below:

1. Saggers trial, Marlborough

This demonstration trial was established in 2011, and has been measured twice.

Aerial photo of Saggers plot layout (pdf)

Saggers survival, height and growth analyses  (pdf)

2. Lake Taupo Forest Trust trial site

This demonstration trial is on a pine cut-over site, was established in 2014, and was measured for the first time in summer 2015-16.

GIS-based trial site analysis (jpeg)

Survival and height growth analyses (pdf)