E. tricarpa: more information

E. tricarpa (red ironbark) is not part of the core NZDFI breeding programme, which to date has focussed on E. bosistoana, E. globoidea,and E. quadrangulata. However, E. tricarpa  is part of our demonstration trial network, and was also planted at Woodville Nursery as part of a growth strain trial.

The trees at Woodville were harvested at age two and assessed for growth strain using a novel technique developed at the School of Forestry Wood Research Centre.

2019 Honours student Lisa Nguyen's thesis was based on data from the growth strain work, and Lisa extended her analysis to look at the potential for breeding for key growth and wood property traits. Lisa's thesis was awarded the prize for the best Honours thesis of her year.

Lisa's thesis is available here.



Lisa Nguyen