NZDFI Brochures, Strategy and Research Plans

NZDFI brochures

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NZDFI Strategy 2020-2030

In 2019, the NZDFI prepared a strategy looking forward to 2030.

Read more about the Strategy and discover some of our other publications here

For the full Strategy document, follow the link:

Durable Eucalypts: A Multi-Regional Opportunity for New Zealand’s Drylands

Executive Summary: NZDFI Focus Areas


Regional strategic plan consultation: May 2018

Read the outcomes from our recent stakeholder consultation as we move towards developing a regional strategic plan.

Full report

Executive summary


NZDFI Research Plans 2017

Summaries of proposed research under main NZDFI research themes:

NZDFI Research Programme Introduction March 2017

Breeding Research Plan

NZDFI Wood Quality Research Plan

Site_Species Matching Research Plan

Forest Health Research Plan


NZDFI Overview - 2015 seminar presentation

The NZDFI project - ppt presentation


Species Information Leaflets - ground durable eucalypts

The following brochures provide full details of three of the NZDFI's selected species:

  1. E.globoidea
  2. E.quadrangulata
  3. E bosistoana


Other species information

Read a summary of height growth of all species in our trial plots (June 2016)

Report: Assessment of Early Height Growth of Durable Eucalypts

Appendices - Mean Annual Height Increment of Different Species