New PhD students get to work

November 22, 2018

Two recent additions to the NZDFI/UC research team, Ebenezer Iyiola and Daniel Boczniewicz, got to work in JNL’s E. globoidea breeding trial at Ngamu Forest, near Masterton, recently. The team, accompanied by Ruth McConnochie and Paul Millen, took E. globoidea samples in conjunction with  a thinning operation undertaken by JNL contractors Dylan, Kurt and Tyrone.

Ebenezer, from Nigeria, is undertaking research on E. globoidea wood properties, including growth strain, heartwood, and durability assessments. He will be processing the wood samples collected and then will return to take cores from standing trees over the summer.

Daniel, from Poland, will develop a taper function for E. globoidea. He will be  destructively sampling up to 100 trees of a range of ages over the next 12 months, the first ten of which were completed at Ngamu.


E. globoidea discs with heartwood stained.

The sampling team at work.  

Daniel and Ebenezer – destructive sampling in action.