2010 - present

The NZDFI is now well-established, and, as a partner of the MBIE Specialty Wood Products Partnership, has secure funding for seven years (2015-2022). 


2010 – Over the fencepost: Organics Aotearoa New Zealand, produced a report ‘Over the fencepost’ for the organic farming sector, which was struggling under new certification constraints banning the use of CCA-treated posts. The report provided details of various acceptable alternatives to CCA treated posts.

Durable eucalypt posts, especially home-grown ones, were the preferred option of the report’s author, organic farmer Heather Atkinson, who is now also a member of the NZDFI Extension Team.

2010 - Australian work on growth strain in young trees  continues, leading to a publication: The wood properties of subtropical and tropical hardwood plantation timber grown for high-value products in Australia (Harding et al 2012).  This work led to the establishment of NZDFI's new field testing and growth strain assessment at Murray's Nursery, Woodville. 

2011the second NZ durable eucalypts workshop: the NZDFI/University of Canterbury workshop held a second successful workshop, ‘Developing a durable eucalypt resource: learning from Australia and elsewhere’.  This workshop saw presentations from 11 Australian researchers plus a number of NZ researchers:

Brad Potts, Matthew Hamilton & David Blackburn Genetics of Eucalypts: traps and opportunities
Michael Henson Fast tracking genetic improvement
 David Cliffe  Best nursery practice
 Chris Harwood  Introductions: doing it right
 David Lee, Anton Zbonak & Rob McGavin  Development of argophloia in Queensland: lessons learnt
 Merv Shepherd  Early decisions in eucalypt domestication; species delineation, geographic variation and outbreeding depression
 Chris Beadle, Jane Medhurst & David Forrester  Linking silvicultural management to solidwood values
 Philip Smethurst  Genotype-site matching and managing for abiotic constraints: dryland eucalypts for the South Island
 Tim Wardlaw  Managing biotic risks
 David Bush  Selecting and breeding eucalypts for natural durability
Luis Apiolaza et al Introducing durable species in New Zealand drylands: genetics of early adaptation of Eucalyptus bosistoana
Luis Apiolaza et al NZ Dryland Forests Initiative: learning from others


2015 – the SWPP is formed: the NZDFI becomes a partner in MBIE’s Specialty Woods Products Partnership SWPP, which receives  seven-year, $7 million funding from government and industry partners to boost research and development into growing and marketing alternatives to radiata pine.